Dear guests,

Thank you for choosing to stay with us; please follow some of these simple house rules for everyone’s comfort:

1.Wifi is available in all the units, Network is Livebox - CD70 and the password is : 5QT9####### Illegal streaming is NOT allowed.

2. No parties or events are allowed on the premises. We love the fact that we are located in a quiet & peaceful neighborhood so we ask you to keep the sound level pleasant at all times. Please respect the noise curfew from 10pm to 8 am for the comfort of our neighbors.

3. No pets allowed, also please don’t feed roaming cats from the neighbors.

4. We love kids but we have chosen to keep this an adult-only residence (except if your group has rented out the entire residence for private use then your kids are most welcome of course).

5.No unregistered guests or outside visitors are allowed without prior approval of the management.

6. The pool & its deck are open from 6 am to 11pm. Please do not bring any glass near the pool or deck. Swimming is at your own risk and Kazanu declines all responsibility in case of accidents.

7.Please turn off the AC, Ceiling Fan & Lights when you are not in the room as electricity is super expensive on our island !

8.Water is the most precious commodity in St. Martin so please help us by using it conservatively. Excessive water use will be subject to additional fees.

9.Please don't take pictures & videos of other guests, nor post about them on social media without their prior consent.

10.Please respect the check-in (after 3pm) and check-out time (before 11am). Please coordinate with us if you need us to accommodate you outside of these times.

11.Please take care of your set of keys. Lost keys will incur a replacement fee.

12.Please take care of the furnishings. You will have to pay for damages that exceed the security deposit. Please don’t rearrange the furniture inside the rooms.

13.In order to avoid pests and insects please do your dishes quickly after using them. Don’t leave any open food packages laying around. We encourage you to eat or drink outside on your private porch rather than inside the units.

14.Please take your trash out daily and place it in the big common trash bin on our parking lot.

15.No illegal substances allowed on the premises. Smoking is allowed on the property, but not near the units; if you are a smoker please check with management to show you the designated smoking area near the parking lot.

16 Sex is lovely but please keep it private. Naturally you can hold hands, hug, apply suntan lotion to your partner and steal an occasional kiss, but please use your common sense and reserve any sexual acts for the intimacy of your room.

17.We do advise you to lock the rear entry doors to the rooms when you are at the swimming pool or deck & lock the porch sliding doors / Shutters when you leave the property. We have provided each unit with a small SAFE for your precious belongings and important documents. Kazanu will not be held responsible for any lost nor missing items.

Have a wonderful stay with us and please don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do to improve to make your stay even more memorable !

Your stay at Kazanu implies the acceptance of the conditions and internal rules of the residence.

Anyone violating the conditions would be subject to a call to order and this may result into additional charges.

Management reserves the right to expel disruptive guests from the residence without a refund in the event of a repeat offense after a verbal warning and may press charges or prosecute offenders (drug usage) if deemed necessary.